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Rapid River Knifeworks Fixed Blades
Rapid River Knifeworks Fixed Blades
Rapid River Knifeworks Fixed Blades
Rapid River Knifeworks Fixed Blades
Rapid River Knifeworks Fixed Blades
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Knife Store Knives

Tough and Sharp

Hand forged and tough enough for the hard jobs using carbon steel and still be usable for the sharper, finer jobs!

High-Quality Materials

Knife Forge Crafted using durable, time-tested steels and the highest quality handle materials with a flair of customization like Damascus Steel!

Knife Store Knives

High-Quality Craftsmanship

Our knife making is hand-made and customized to the customer's specs to give us a competitive edge!

Proudly Made in America

Our Veteran-Owned business proudly uses all materials and is built in the USA!

 At Rapid River Knifeworks you can get high-quality, handmade, highly regarded, 
Michigan Custom Knives of all kinds!

Rapid River Knifeworks Showroom

Rapid River Knifeworks Knife Store Showroom
Michigan Custom Knives make great gifts
and wonderful keepsakes

But what makes a custom knife really special is that it is made with you in mind. When a knife is made for you, it has a totally different feel to it, and really well-made knives can become family heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation. It helps to keep family history alive while each parent tells his or her child the story of grandpa’s knife that was given to him by his father. So if you are looking for a knife store by you go visit our awesome showroom!

Michigan Custom Pocket Knife | Rapid River Knifeworks Knife Store

Hunters know the importance of good custom hunting knives.

Not only do our custom hunting knives from our knife center help to maintain the integrity of the meat harvested in the field dressing process, but they can withstand the pounding that takes place at a campsite, in inclement weather, and when used as a tool other than a knife. With the option of engraving the blade as a special gift or adding your company logo to it to hand out as gifts you can be sure that your custom hunting knife will be a unique one.

"I've owned two Rapid River Knives and both were outstanding. Unfortunately I tend to do some trading to try other stuff and have traded them both off. The gang at Rapid River are stand-up guys too." -Click here to read more testimonials!

What makes our cool knives custom?

Our handles are made from a variety of sources such as different types of wood, antlers, burls, epoxy resin, fossilized wooly mammoth bone, and more. Custom engraving is also available for the blade which makes all of our knives custom and unique.

What makes our knives the best hunting knives?

The high strength steel, mechanisms, and parts with the addition of building it by hand in our shop guarantees you the best quality custom hunting knives you will ever own!

What do you mean by Knife Aesthetic?
This means that our hand-made knives become an art form in itself with its special material handles and designs created with Damascus Steel and with the edition of our laser engraving to enhance the look even further.

Knifeworks or Knife Works?
According to the dictionary it is Knifeworks - Artistic or ornamental work done with a knife. That describes our knives to a 'T' doesn't it?

Fixed Blade Knife | Rapid River Knifeworks Knife Store
Handled Mini Caper | Rapid River Knifeworks Knife Store
Damascus Hunting Knife | Rapid River Knifeworks

Customize Your Knife | Rapid River Knifeworks Knife Store

Laser Engraved Pocket Knives | Rapid River Knifeworks Knife Store

Engraved Hunting Knives
  Allow us to personalize a hunting knife that speaks to you. It shows that you are proud of your skills as provider for your family. It makes a great gift for someone who enjoys the outdoors, or for someone, who just appreciates a good blade.

Knives for Fundraising | Rapid River Knifeworks Knife Store

Knife Sharpening Warranty | Rapid River Knifeworks Knife Store


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Urban digital performance camo hoodie
Price: From $70.00 to $75.00
Urban digital performance camo hoodie
Urban digital camo hoodie
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Rapid River Knifeworks has the largest custom knife showroom in Michigan. Our Michigan handmade hunting knives are all unique and one-of-a-kind.
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That is one big knife!

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