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Custom Folding Knives

Rapid River Knifeworks Custom Folding Knives

There was a time when everyone carried a knife. Life was hard, and a knife provided a way to meet most of the demands of an unforgiving wilderness. Nowadays, life isn’t as difficult, but there are still many occasions when a custom folding knife can come in handy.

Folding knives can be used for everything from opening envelopes to getting those plastic blister packs apart. Plus, they are just really cool to carry around and help the person to feel prepared for any eventuality. Being able to carry a knife that is beautiful and unique helps to create a special identity.

Engraved custom folding knives tell the person that you are thinking about them specifically when you picked out their gift. As a corporate gift, they make a great way to say thank you to employees or to special clients. When a knife is engraved, there is no question who it was meant for.


Folding knives have been around for many years and have helped greatly when you need it in a pinch such as cutting that twine to tie something down or getting out a splinter. This versatile tool with its sharp blade, custom handle, and compact design make it easy to carry, easy to access, and easy to use.

High-Quality Materials and Craftmanship

With so many folding pocket knives out there it can be confusing as to which pocket knives will last for years to come. Here at Rapid River Knifeworks each of our custom folding knives is hand-made with the best materials. No machine assembly lines here! The biggest advantage of our folding knives being hand-assembled you can see first hand how well it is built. You get what you pay for and when you get a Rapid River Knifeworks folding knife you are sure to get the best pocket knife that money can buy!

Every folding knife we create uses the most durable steel that provides satisfaction and high-performance for years to come. Our custom made handles are made with many different choices to help match your personality.

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That is one big knife!

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