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Beavertail Knife with Sheath

Price: From $170.00 to $200.00
Manufacturer: Rapid River Knifeworks

Product Options

Handle Material :


Do you want your knife laser engraved? (Engraving is not done on the spine of the blade. Only the sides of the blade and knife handles)
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Would you like to add additional engraving on the back of the blade? (+ $5.00)
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Beavertail Knife (Skinning) - Choose from a Variety of Handle Materials; Excellent quality beavertail blade, made of D-2 carbon tool steel. Perfect for trappers & hunters alike. The rounded blade (half-radius blade) is 3 1/2" in length. Overall knife length: is 8 1/4". Finger grooves in the handle for a better grip. The knife comes with a quality leather sheath in a collector's box. Get yours today!  *NOTE: Due to Natural Materials, handles may vary in color and wood grain.

Experience Excellence with Our Beavertail Knife and Sheath

Introducing the Beavertail Knife – a versatile tool designed to excel in a range of outdoor and survival tasks. Paired with a reliable sheath, this knife is your ultimate companion for wilderness adventures.

🌳 Precision Engineering: The Beavertail Knife features a uniquely shaped blade that effortlessly handles carving, chopping, and intricate tasks, making it an essential tool for outdoor enthusiasts.

🌳 Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip and optimal control, allowing you to tackle various tasks with ease, whether it's crafting, woodwork, or campsite cooking.

🌳 Protective Sheath: Carry and store your Beavertail Knife securely with the included sheath, protecting both the blade and yourself during transport.

🌳 Durability Defined: Crafted from rugged materials, this knife is built to withstand demanding outdoor conditions, ensuring its reliability in any adventure.

🌳 Adventure Awaits: From crafting shelters to preparing meals, the Beavertail Knife proves its worth in survival scenarios, making it a vital asset for explorers and campers.

Equip yourself with the tool that enhances your outdoor experience. Elevate your wilderness adventures with our Beavertail Knife and sheath set.

At what angle do you sharpen this knife? It's 22 to 30 degrees. You can learn what angle to sharpen this knife by reading this article.

What Angle to Sharpen a Knife

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