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Every Rapid River Knifeworks Knife is guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the original owner. We will be happy to repair or replace any knife found to be defective.

We at Rapid River Knifeworks also offer free polishing and sharpening of your Rapid River Knifeworks Knife for as long as you own it! If you're in our area, stop in the shop and we'll do it while you wait. Otherwise, ship it to us at the address below (shipping and handling charges apply).

Normal wear and use are not covered under this guarantee.

Rapid River Knifeworks Knives should never be used as hammers, pry bars, screwdrivers, chisels, or for scraping to clean material such as metal or rock. However, if your knife is ever damaged due to an accident or misuse, we can evaluate the damage and repair it for a reasonable, pre-determined fee.

Knives returned for warranty repair should be sent to:

Rapid River Knifeworks, Inc.
10484 U.25 Rd / Hwy U.S. 2
Rapid River, Michigan 49878

Please enclose $8 for shipping and handling.

For further information, contact us.
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